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  • Hot water and cold water pressure washers.

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  • Diesel, natural gas, propane and electric fired heaters

  • Hot water capable pumping systems using your boiler feed-water

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Residential pressure washers, also known as Hobby Pressure Washers, are small, hand carried or wheeled, 110/115 volt plug-in style pressure washers. They come in many configurations.   In recent years they have become very inexpensive, hence millions of home owners have purchased them.  Many of the brands are not made to be serviced.  

To get a high enough pressure, to do a minimal job, manufacturers use a motor which draws current very close to the maximum amperage of a 15 amp. breaker. The usual problem is a burned out motor.  If you use an extension cord be prepared to replace your unit.  The voltage will drop by the time it gets to the motor, create heat and overwork the motor until it burns out.  Sellers rarely offer parts or service, wanting you to buy a new one.  

There are a few higher quality residential pressure washers available, but prices are higher.  AR Italy make a good unit for home use.  Check them out here.  BE Pressure make A 110/115 volt, heavy duty quality unit, at even higher price.  This type is suggested for food plants, car washes and other  light commercial use.  You can see these BE units by clicking here.


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If you want to know more about how a pressure washer works click here.

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Having trouble with your machine?  Quite often it's a quick and easy fix. 
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